Our Service Areas

Providing Planning, Design, and Construction for Civil Engineering

Stormwater Design

Our stormwater design solutions have helped municipalities across Colorado’s Front Range – many of which have been recognized by regional and national organizations for engineering excellence. ICON’s design services provide a full range of solutions including storm sewer systems, culverts, water quality planning and design, detention ponds, jurisdictional dams, and trenchless installations such as pipe boring/jacking/tunneling improvements.

Stream Restoration and Stabilization

ICON’s well-rounded experience includes natural channel design, urban channel stabilization, grade control structure design, channel rehabilitation, and wetlands restoration. We have expertise in working with stream geomorphology, focusing on sediment transport and natural stream design function, which are inherent to our restoration planning and design projects. ICON has completed several assessments, studies and projects related to stream stability and sediment transport challenges where restoration activities provide a balance of geomorphic design, sediment transport, and ecological diversity.

Parks, Trails and Recreation

ICON’s repertoire includes engineering design for major parks and trail projects. These projects involve site and infrastructure planning, preliminary and final construction documents, water quality and Low-Impact-Development (LID) design, and construction management. Whether it’s a brand new trail, a sports park, or a children’s play area, our design work has often included ADA compliance, retaining walls, bridges, soft surface walkways, paved pathways, culverts, lighting, signage, play areas, landscape features, and parking lots, all in coordination with end users, interest groups, municipalities and water districts.

Roadway and Pedestrian Design

ICON provides engineering expertise related to roadway design, intersections, bicycle lanes, access and parking, pedestrian systems, and construction. We are familiar with both CDOT and other local agency roadway design standards, including AASHTO’s Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets. Our projects include local, collector, and arterial roadways and state highways. We have completed many CDOT local agency projects requiring environmental, right-of-way, and utility clearances. Roadway designs typically include right-of-way drawings, construction phasing and traffic control plans, as well as drainage design for stormwater management.

Floodplain Analysis

ICON specializes in the completion of challenging floodplain delineation projects and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) updates, including FEMA Letters of Map Revisions (LOMRs), Conditional Letters of Map Revisions (CLOMRs) and Physical Map Revisions (PMRs); completing assignments related to FIS updates in all of the FEMA Region VIII states. ICON’s staff has experience in 1D and 2D modeling and unsteady flow hydraulics, including use of the FLO-2D, SRH-2D and HECRAS 2D software programs.

Master Planning

ICON has vast knowledge and experience in the completion of Stormwater and Stream Restoration Master Plan studies throughout the Front Range. In general, each study involves a wide range of engineering tasks, including but not limited to hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, floodplain delineation, damage assessment, geomorphology, stream stabilization, alternatives analysis, economic analysis for benefits vs. costs, conceptual or preliminary design presentation, and report preparation.

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