12th Street Outfall

Drone Overview

The City of Greeley is building a new underground storm drain system to prevent flooding in the downtown area. Phase 1 of the project is underway which involves infrastructure, public art, river restoration, and an extension of the Poudre Trail. Phases 2 through 4 will continue along 12th Street in downtown Greeley, with Phases 2 and 3 finishing construction at the end of 2025.

Investing in modern and updated drainage systems is crucial for addressing the current issues and meeting the future needs for the city. It helps manage water effectively by preventing floods, protecting buildings and ensuring public safety. Moreover, it safeguards the environment by preventing pollution and maintaining water quality. Updated drainage systems also contribute to durable infrastructure, support urban planning, aid in disaster mitigation, and enhance the overall look of cities and towns.

Project Outcomes:

  • Modern drainage systems to cater to immediate and long-term needs
  • Sustainable water management
  • Safer and healthier future for the city
Site Videos By Date

August 19th, 2023:

Construction Webmap

Construction Timelapse

View: Across the Poudre River, Looking South

Left: December 2023 | Right: March 2024

View: Across the Poudre River, Looking Southeast

Left: December 2023 | Right: March 2024

Area of Expertise

Stormwater Design and Management


City of Greeley

Project Schedule

Phase 1 Construction is underway and is expected to conclude summer 2024.

Phase 2 Design Complete: End of 2024
Phase 2 Construction Complete: End of 2025