Boulder Creek

Master Plan

Prepared by ICON Engineering for UDFCD


  • Water Resources Advisory Board (WRAB) Hearing
  • Monday, November 16, 2015
  • 7:00 pm
  • City Municipal Services Center
  • 5050 Pearl Street
  • Boulder, Colorado

Please join us at the November 16, 2015 Water Resources Advisory Board (WRAB) meeting with City of Boulder staff for a public hearing on the recommendation to City Council regarding the Boulder Creek Restoration Master Plan. Representatives from the City of Boulder, ICON Engineering, and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District will be presenting the Restoration Master Plan along the Boulder Creek corridor as a result of the September 2013 storm event.

    Project Sponsors:
  • Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
  • Boulder County
  • City of Boulder
  • City of Longmont

For Boulder Creek, flood damages were not as severe in September 2013, as with other locations in Colorado; however, the flood did not go unnoticed. Roads and bridges overtopped, avulsions occurred, and questions arose regarding the best approach to rebuild and restore Boulder Creek. For these reasons this Mater Planning Study was initiated and by regional partners, including the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District (UDFCD), Boulder County, and the Cities of Boulder and Longmont. This study is also among the latest to be funded through the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) grant program. The purpose of the master plan is to develop guidance in planning of the future.

This project encumbers nearly 24-miles along Boulder Creek, extending from the confluence with Fourmile Creek, located within Boulder Canyon upstream of the City of Boulder, downstream to the confluence with the St. Vrain River, in the City of Longmont. The focus of this study is to develop and evaluate alternatives for Boulder Creek, such that feasible drainage, flood management, and restoration opportunities are identified. Projects will be quantified and prioritized to assist the local communities in identify needs associated with ongoing and long-term watershed recovery efforts.


Deliverables for this Master Plan include and Alternates Evaluation Report and Master Plan Report. The following reports are upcoming, in-progress, or available for download:

Task Date Status
Draft Alternatives Evaluation Report May 2015 PDF (53Mb)
Final Alternatives Evaluation Report July 2015 PDF (44Mb)
Draft Master Plan Report October 2015 PDF (58Mb)
Final Master Plan Report December 2015 PDF (60Mb)
Meeting Date Purpose Minutes
Kickoff Meeting December 9, 2014 Kickoff Meeting PDF (119kb)
Progress Meeting January 13, 2015 Progress Meeting PDF (1mb)
Progress Meeting February 18, 2015 Progress Meeting PDF (6mb)
Public Presentation March 18, 2015 Public Presentation PDF (4mb)


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