Planning Design Management

An essential aspect of every ICON project and goal of forward thinking ICON clients.
Master Plans, Outfall System Plans, Flood Insurance Studies, Benefit Cost Analyses, Hazard Mitigation Grants, FEMA Letters of Map Revision, NPDES compliance, GIS, Municipal Engineering Services, Floodplain Delineation


The implementation of a plan and the formation of detailed solutions to complex engineering problems.
Stream stabilization, stormwater detention, retention, water quality, civil site design, parks, trails, roadways, storm sewers, infrastructure databases, Flood Hazard Area Delineations, Grading Erosion and Sediment Control plans


From planning to design and into construction, ICON project management is integrated into the solution.
Cost and schedule compliance, citizen outreach and project chartering, stakeholder coordination, infrastructure mapping and geo-inventory, design-build, construction management, project close-out, and long term maintenance programs.