Sand Creek

Major Drainageway Plan and FHAD

Prepared by ICON Engineering for UDFCD

Sand Creek, an east bank tributary to the South Platte River, is a 189 square mile watershed. The study area for this update will encompass 11.8 miles along the stream corridor from Colfax Avenue to the confluence with the South Platte River. Several drainageways flow into Sand Creek through the study area include Toll Gate Creek, and Baranmor Ditch in the City of Aurora; and Westerly Creek in the City of Denver. The Burlington Ditch crosses underneath Sand Creek near the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Commerce City. Development within the basin consists of commercial, industrial, and residential land uses. Nearly 14 miles of Sand Creek Regional Greenway multi-use trails follow the stream corridor through the study area.

The primary goals for this Major Drainageway Plan and FHAD are to review the watershed hydrology and update flood hazard delineations. While adhearing to the District’s vision to promote stream health along natural drainageway function, this study will seek opportunities for softer solutions, promoting ecological function and reducing long term maintenance.

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Task Dates Status
Baseline Hydrology (16 weeks) August - September 2017 In progress
FHAD (34 weeks) Upcoming Upcoming
Alternative Analysis (20 weeks) Upcoming Upcoming
Conceptual Design (14 weeks) Upcoming Upcoming
Meeting Date Minutes
Kickoff August 22nd, 2017 PDF (138kb)
Draft Baseline Hydrology Review Meeting October 30th, 2017 PDF (744kb)
Hydrology Progress Meeting December 19, 2017 PDF (571kb)

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