Leyden Creek Major Drainageway Plan Update

The September 2013 flooding along Leyden Creek resulted in several areas of damage, including overtopping and minor damage at Quaker Street and at the Croke Canal as a result of an emergency breach.  Indiana Street experienced significant damage requiring culvert and roadway replacement.  Several homes along Leyden Creek experienced flooding damage, including damage from shallow flooding that was observed throughout Cameo Estates both upstream and downstream of Alkire Street.  Damages in the basin were less severe than they could have been without the quick thinking of local floodplain officials.

Leyden Creek is a left bank tributary of Ralston Creek with a total drainage basin of approximately 11.8 square miles.  The Leyden Creek drainage basin covers lands in both unincorporated Jefferson County and within the City of Arvada.  The Leyden Lake reservoir facility is located on Leyden Creek just upstream of Indiana Street and provides for significant discharge attenuation.  Three major canals; Church Ditch, Farmers’ High Line Canal, and the Croke Canal, all cross Leyden Creek.

Deliverables for this MDP include development of a Baseline Hydrology Report; Alternates Evaluation Report (Phase A); and Conceptual Design Report (Phase B).  The following reports are upcoming, in-progress, or available for download:

Task Date Status
Notice to Proceed March 26, 2014 Completed
Final Baseline Hydrology Report August 25, 2014 Completed (PDF)
Final Alternatives Evaluation Report April 14, 2015 Completed (PDF)
Final Conceptual Design Report October 8, 2015 Completed (PDF)
Meeting Date Purpose Minutes
Kickoff Meeting March 20, 2014 Kickoff Meeting PDF(215kb)
Hydrologic Update Meeting May 7, 2014 Hydrology Update PDF(96kb)
Hydrologic Update Meeting August 13, 2014 Hydrology Update PDF(74kb)
Alternatives Analysis Meeting August 13, 2014 Kickoff Meeting PDF(74kb)
Alternative Analysis Meeting – Croke Canal September 24, 2014 Progress Meeting PDF(103kb)
Alternative Analysis Progress Meeting December 1, 2014 Progress Meeting PDF(76kb)
Public Meeting February 17, 2015 Progress Meeting
Conceptual Design Progress Meeting September 19, 2015 Progress Meeting PDF(89kb)

Project Engineers

ICON Engineering, Inc.

ICON Engineering, Inc.
8100 South Akron Street, Suite #300
Centennial, CO  80112

(303) 221-0802

Craig D. Jacobson, P.E. CFM

Brian Ledoux, P.E. CFM
Project Manager

Jeremy Deischer, EI
Project Engineer


Shea Thomas, P.E.
Senior Project Engineer – Master Planning Program

(303) 455-6277

City of Arvada

Patrick E. Dougherty, P.E. CFM
Special Projects Engineer

(720) 898-7642

Jefferson County

John Conn
Department of Transportation
(303) 271-8496

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